Tech Programs

MY SQL Fundamentals

Key Modules:
  • Different types of databases (relational, NoSQL, etc.)
  • Basic understanding of SQL and its role in Database Management.
  • Understanding correlated and non-correlated subqueries.

Ms Excel -Zero To Hero

Key Modules:
  • Overview of Excel interface and workspace.
  • Introduction to Core Excel functions  (SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, etc.).
  • Introduction to recording and running macros.

Python : Basic To Advance

Key Modules:


  • Learn the basics of Python Programming Language
  • Dive into functions, how to define them, and why they’re essential.
  • Explore Python’s rich ecosystem of Libraries.

Our Happy Students ...

Sarah K., Aspiring Architect

The structured approach and expert guidance boosted my confidence, resulting in significant improvement in my test scores. Thanks to The Future Classroom, I achieved the band score I needed to pursue my dream of studying abord.

Instructor Image

John M., Business Analyst

The interactive platform and personalized feedback kept me engaged and motivated throughout the program. I highly recommend their course to anyone looking for a comprehensive and effective way to prepare for the IELTS exam.

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Complete the conditional sentence:
"If it rains, I _____ my umbrella."

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Choose the correct sentence:

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Choose the correct preposition:
"I am allergic _____ cats."

4 / 15

Identify the correct tense:
"She will have completed the project by tomorrow."

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Complete the sentence with the correct comparative form:
"This book is _____ than the one I read last week."

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Select the sentence with the correct punctuation:

7 / 15

Change the sentence to indirect speech:
"She said, 'I will come tomorrow.'"

8 / 15

Identify the sentence in the passive voice.

9 / 15

Fill in the blank:
"I saw _____ interesting movie last night."

10 / 15

Choose the correct form:
"She enjoys _____ (sing/singing) in the choir."

11 / 15

Choose the correct relative pronoun:
"The person _____ called you wants to speak with you."

12 / 15

Choose the correct determiner:
"I'll be back in _____ hour."

13 / 15

Complete the sentence with the correct modal verb:
"You _____ try the new restaurant downtown."

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Identify the correct plural form of  "child":

15 / 15

Select the appropriate conjunction:
"He wants to go to the movies _____ to the park."

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