Ph.D/Post Doctoral
We at Future Classroom Provides Exceptional and 24/7 Helpline Support in Helping You Prepare for :

1.Preparation for Ph.D Entrance Exam.
2.Proposal Writing.
3.Thesis Writing.
4.Journal Writing.
5.Article Writing.
6.Conference Paper Writing.
7.Citation Support.
8.Patent Support.
9.Technical Support.
10.Viva & Ph.D Mock Interview Discussion.

we will Provide support in all the stages of your Ph.D Journey . Start consultation by writing an email to us. with details of what support you require.

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Disclaimer : We Do not Promise you of any Guarantee of your admission to any University ,Neither do we claim any Power & influence of getting you selected for a PhD seat with any University.

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Our Ph.D Mentorship Camp...

Under The Global Leadership & Expert Guidance from top 30 Vice Chancellors selected as an expert Ph.D cell lab Mentors to guide you on your incredible journey to accomplish your Ph.D dream.

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Complete the sentence with the correct comparative form:
"This book is _____ than the one I read last week."

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Choose the correct sentence:

3 / 15

Choose the correct form:
"She enjoys _____ (sing/singing) in the choir."

4 / 15

Change the sentence to indirect speech:
"She said, 'I will come tomorrow.'"

5 / 15

Complete the conditional sentence:
"If it rains, I _____ my umbrella."

6 / 15

Select the appropriate conjunction:
"He wants to go to the movies _____ to the park."

7 / 15

Choose the correct determiner:
"I'll be back in _____ hour."

8 / 15

Identify the sentence in the passive voice.

9 / 15

Identify the correct plural form of  "child":

10 / 15

Select the sentence with the correct punctuation:

11 / 15

Complete the sentence with the correct modal verb:
"You _____ try the new restaurant downtown."

12 / 15

Identify the correct tense:
"She will have completed the project by tomorrow."

13 / 15

Choose the correct relative pronoun:
"The person _____ called you wants to speak with you."

14 / 15

Choose the correct preposition:
"I am allergic _____ cats."

15 / 15

Fill in the blank:
"I saw _____ interesting movie last night."

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